Step In For Knowledge, Reach Out For Service To Mankind.

Founded in 2015, we are extremely proud of our school and hope your child or children will be very happy with us. Our aim is for all children to develop their talents, reach their potential and be happy during their time with us. We offer an exciting and creative environment where children are encouraged to become independent and confident. The L.M.B. Primary School, focus on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lies inside all of its students.

It is great pleasure to have received the blessings of Bramhalin Rastrasant Tukadoji Maharaj. His Motivation, inspiration, and guidance lead to the inception of " Nevjabai Hitkarini Education Society, Bramhapuri " in 1941. He was also the founding president of the society. His Dream was to open education avenues to the backward, poor people of this region was realized by the great visionary and donor Karmayogi Madangopalji Bhaiya, founder of society. In a short span of time, his strenuous efforts transformed Bramhapuri, into well-known education center of eastern Vidarbha.

It came to our knowledge that there was void in quality education in this area. Therefore the students of this backward area lagged behind academically in a competitive age. The society was determined to develop a personality of the student as per with those in the urban areas. We want the student to enrich themselves academically, to face the challenges in life with the establishment of Late Madangopalji Bhaiya CBSE English Medium School, we assure, that student emerging from this school will be the responsible, disciplined, patriotic and socially committed individual.

Earlier, Society imparted primary, Secondary, higher secondary, and higher education. Our society emerged as a center of excellent education in all fields. We were contemplating to introduce quality primary and secondary education based on the National curriculum since long. Incommensurate with this idea, we started to think about establishing CBSE pattern English medium school to cater to the need of local students.