Ref No. LMB/Note 05/2019-2020

Dear Parents,

Please take a note

This is expected that student must be in complete proper uniform within school as per protocol.  But  it is found that most of the students are not following this. So It’s a request to parents to send them in complete uniform.

If student is not getting any size of track suit or any other product size due to refilling problem then please take a written note from Y.G. Lakhani shop with their shop stamp on it.

Then only school can consider of shortage of stock.

Please attach that consent letter to school diary to exclude particular student from discipline committee so that they will not charge the fine for incomplete uniform.

School discipline committee has been activated already. So take care that your child should not get punished or charged.

Principal                                                                               Director
LMB Public School, Bramhapuri                   LMB Public School, Bramhapuri