Ref No. LMB/Note 26/2018-2019

Dear Parents,

Send your ward with complete dresscode (I-Card, School uniform, Shoes, Socks) Do send the following.

Tiffine, 2 water bottles, Scarf/Cap, sweater, undergarments, and one extra dress. Lable the bag with you’re ward’s  name

Note :-

Parents are requested to drop the students in the school and pick up them from the same.

Date :- 30 Nov. 2019

Place :- Forest Garden, Wadsa.

Class :- Nursery to K.G. II

Timing :-

Departure : 8:30 Am

Arrival   : 2:30 Pm.


Principal                                                                                 Director
LMB Public School, Bramhapuri                   LMB Public School, Bramhapuri